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Sunday, March 27, 2011

ALYAF & BONAR Geotextile

Geotextile Group, Synthetic Industries.

ALYAF & BONAR extensive line of Geotex® engineered Geotextiles provides drainage, separation and stabilization of soils in construction and civil engineering applications. the performance of  woven and Nonwoven Geotextiles has been proven in countless applications around the world
·         Woven Geotextiles for separation, filtration and erosion protection;
·         High Strength Geotextiles for structural soil reinforcement;
·         Woven Geotextile Tubes for containment and dewatering;
·         Nonwoven Geotextiles for drainage, separation and cushioning; and
·         Pave-Dry® Nonwoven asphalt overlay fabric.


  1. non woven fabrics and geotextile fabrics are same ?
    Non Woven Fabircs

    1. Hello Tom,

      Gerotextile fabrics come in both,a woven and a nonwoven form. Each one's application depends on its uses.

  2. Karthik Geotextile is an independent business entity engaged in the manufacture of Technical Textile since 2008. Today, its business portfolio covers assorted array of Technical Textiles like Woven Geotextiles, Woven Ground covers, PP Woven Fabrics, FIBC / Bulk Bags and Silt fence etc.

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  4. Excellent your post, The most common product in the family of Geosynthetics is non woven geotextile fabrics. This product is a random assembly of synthetic fibers, etc. non woven geotextile fabrics

  5. AFFY Techtex Trade India is Manufacturer of geotextiles, woven geotextile manufacturers and groundcover suppliers in UK.

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