Products Overview

We are the distributors, distributing agents, suppliers and manufacturers of the following:

Oil field Supplies; All types of building material; Water & Heat Insulation Material & joint Fillers; Sanitary Items; Workshop tools; Branded Power Tools; Safety Equipment & Accessories; All kinds of Fasteners; Electrical Products; Agricultural Tools & Equipments; Glass Blocks; Prefabricated Offices and Cabins.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Prefabricated offices and cabins



Car Park Shades

Site Screening systems: Hoarding, Temporary Fencing & Barriers

Continuous Fence

Panel Fencing

Scaffold Fittings

Valve & Flange

PVC Pipes


HDPE Liner

ALYAF & BONAR Geotextile

Geotextile Group, Synthetic Industries.

ALYAF & BONAR extensive line of Geotex® engineered Geotextiles provides drainage, separation and stabilization of soils in construction and civil engineering applications. the performance of  woven and Nonwoven Geotextiles has been proven in countless applications around the world
·         Woven Geotextiles for separation, filtration and erosion protection;
·         High Strength Geotextiles for structural soil reinforcement;
·         Woven Geotextile Tubes for containment and dewatering;
·         Nonwoven Geotextiles for drainage, separation and cushioning; and
·         Pave-Dry® Nonwoven asphalt overlay fabric.

Thermal Acoustic Cork

Parquet Foam Underlay

Glass Wool Insulation

MAPPY Heat and Water insulation for lightweight partition walls

Heavy Duty Protection Board

A 1 m x 2m x. 5mm thick, semi flexible, polypropylene based board, double layered with 5mm integrated perpendicular support spacers at 4mm intervals, to be applied as a protection to the waterproof membrane.

Resistance to chemicals:-
 HEAVY-DUTY board are not affected by mineral oils, solvents, acids, bases, and salts; that are usually found in a contaminated water table and in soil components. HEAVYDUTY board does not absorb water, which adds to the impermeability of the waterproof membrane.


Extruded Polystyrene (Roofing & Cavity Wall).
1-      LD       [ 22-24 kg/m3 ]
2-      ND      [ 32-35 kg/m3 ]
3-      MD      [ 38-42 kg/m3 ]
4-      HD      [ 45-48 kg/m3 ]

A variety of density that allows the top availability of many options for many climates & temperatures.  

Extruded Polystyrene Rigid Foam With or without Ship-lap Edges, Fiber Glass Insulation and Glass Wall.

We have a long experience of product marketing in U.A.E market through the past 15 years of work.

ISOBOARD Green® Extruded polysterene

       Meets the requirements of green buildings
       Are designed to provide exceptional thermal and moisture resistance and long-term efficiency
       Its benefits include:
      Constant thermal performance year after year
      Impervious to moisture penetration, thus preventing loss of R-Value
      Environmentally friendly; Recyclable and reusable
      Complies with ASTM C-578 & BS 3837 Part 2
      Is accredited and certified by Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) Certificate No. CL05020002
      Ideal for roofs, external walls, cavity wall system, under slab, cold storage, concrete floor, foundation, pre-cast concrete, parking decks, sandwich panels, floating pontoons, etc.

Nuts and Bolts

The  complete range of Standard Fasteners and Fixings in metric and imperial thread forms can be supplied form stock, including Hex Bolts, Setscrews, Socket Screws, Wood Screws, Self Tapping Screws, Threaded Rod, Nuts, Washers, Lock Washers and Anchor Fixings.

Jack Supports

Used for raised floors

Glass Blocks


Hanex® Acrylic Solid Surface

       non-porous material and NSF 51 Certified for food preparation areas.
       can be used in many applications where sanitation is of utmost importance, such as kitchen & bathroom bench tops, hospitals, playrooms, schools, and many more.
       fabricated and installed in almost any application with inconspicuous seams, making Hanex® truly "Solid" in surfacing material.
       covered by a 10 year Limited Warranty and is distributed by XFLO - the new name in solid surface products.